Video transcription

This is Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, Board Certified Dermatologist and author of "Six Weeks to Sensational Skin". This clip talks about how to get rid of mosquito bite scars and the first thing I've got to tell you is that once you get that bite the mosquito just got you, that's the time to start thinking about how you are going to get rid of any potential scar. So when you get a bite the first thing to think about doing is to run and get some ice. If you can put ice on a new bite you are going to get a whole lot less inflammation. The less inflammation you get the less of a scar you'll get. So for new bites use the ice. Secondly after you have applied the ice put on a little bit of over-the-counter Hydrocortisone, sometimes referred to as Cortisone 10. This is going to help not only with new bites but if you'll rub it in to your new bite plus to any little marks you have from old bites you'll realize that some of these old bites will really start to lessen in appearance. Lastly sometimes you need another kind of cream and that cream would be a bleaching cream or fade cream because many times mosquito bites instead of leaving us just with a redness of the bite they can leave us with a little bit of a discoloration as you see even a little bit on my arms, a little brownish discoloration and if your marks from mosquito bites look a little bit brown to your eye please go and get yourself an over-the-counter fade cream. This is Dr. Loretta Ciraldo.