Video transcription

Hi, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb. When you get into tea roses, you have to worry about trimming them back. Now tea roses, by their name mean they're nice pole stems and you've got the rose on the top; usually a center rose as opposed to, let's say four abundantly; gives you a bunch of roses like a bush rose. Now when you've got your hybrid teas, you've got this pretty little flower; you're going to come back in and trim off down below and you can simply take a piece of the rose and trim it back to the size that you need. This is kind of a short stem. Typically, I might trim one back, oh, twelve to eighteen inches. But on your tea roses, you've got this beautiful little bud up above and you want to take the whole rose back and remember when you do trim it back, it's going to branch out, which means you're going to get a bunch more flowers. Tea roses are beautiful because they've got a nice tall stem and they give you the nice cut flower that you can use in arrangements or in a vase in your home. Tea roses should be trimmed probably twelve to eighteen inches; usually go back to about five leaflet; make a nice clean cut and you'll have plenty of flowers in the future. For ask; I'm Stan DeFreitas.