Video transcription

From time to time, folks will have a family heirloom that they want to know more about. You know, they want to try to figure out how old it is, maybe even try to discover who produced it, or what ever. There, today's world, obviously, with the internet, we have a lot more research tools then we ever did in the past. But there's still always the public library, the book stores have wonderful research and price guides, things. Pictures are, one picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. And if you can find a guide, either online, or through a book that's similar to the item that you're trying to identify, then you've got a starting point. It may not, I mean, we all hope that we have that piece that's on Road Show, for instance, that they're telling them, it's worth two hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars, few of us ever will, but we can at least do the best that we can to determine what it is. So, use the tools that are available. Take pictures, go in to see your, your better antique dealers in antique shops, both by talking to the folks and seeing the things that they're offering for sale will go a long way toward helping you identify what you have.