Video transcription

Let's talk about how to get a cloudy fish tank clean. Now the first thing you need to know is, why is it cloudy? There are multiple reasons why a fish tank can be cloudy. It can be dirty water, cloudy water, infected-type of water. So there are lots of different things. One thought is, you can take a water sample to your local fish store or pet store and a lot of times they can run some diagnostics on that and find out what your problem is. If you can't do that, you can also get a test kit, which will measure PH, nitrates, nitrite, and ammonia levels. And that may also help you diagnose what the problem is. Very commonly, cloudiness occurs due to algae formation, like this scenario, that can be formed due to under filtration and over feeding. An easy way to get rid of a lot of algae is actually to watch that over feeding and to add in an algae eater, like a Plycostamus. If they're...another reason you can have cloudy water is if it's dirty. If the filter is getting clogged, you need to clean the filters, or the power filters. Also, if it's new gravel, that will create dirt in the water. And so a way to deal with that is to use a gravel-type of vacuum, cleaning that gravel, and replacing the water as needed. So there are lots of different reasons that you can have a cloudy tank, and so just make sure that you're treating the right type of problem first. Again, use a test kit or check with your aquarium or fish store, and they can help you diagnose that and also help you treat that.