Video transcription

Hello, my name is Isabella and now I'm going to show you what is a PayPal Premier account. Today, lots of people prefer paying online and having a PayPal account means a secure way of paying online because you don't have to use your credit card directly. To get acquainted with a PayPal system, we have to look for it on the Internet at If we have questions and you are looking for answers, click on the help section on the help section in the first part of the website. And as you can see, here you have the questions organized according to different topics. Now, let's go to "Account Types". Here we click on the link. And you can see that this opens further more questions and answer. Now, if you are looking for the answer, "What is a Premier Account?" We click on the "What is the difference between Personal, Premier and Business accounts," link. If you can click, here we can see we get the answer. Well, the Premier account basically makes it possible to have more accounts on PayPal. We can have more transactions and for them we pay less fees. This account also includes some premier features.