Video transcription

So how to buy shares. Lots of different ways to buy shares or stock. The, you can buy directly from the corporation or from the investment bank that they are using. You can buy shares through a brokerage account or a brokerage representative that may be at a bank or you may have somewhat had a brokerage account. You can buy through that person and they may be able to help you choose which shares that you want to purchase. The other way is you may have an on line account and you can buy things either by phone or on the internet and buy shares independently there. The, really one of the biggest differences in all of those different options is to understand the fees and expenses that are required even with a discount brokerage for example that may have a great option on line, they will have increased fees for using a human being or someone on the other end of the phone for your trades. So when you are buying shares the more people that you have involved the more expensive it will be so if you can find something where you can perform the trades independently that is great and again if you go directly to the source, directly to the companies or directly to the investment bank that they are using to distribute their shares to the secondary market you can save some money there as well.