Video transcription

Hi, my name is Kayti Brosnan. I'm a Registered Nurse here in Austin, Texas and I'm going to tell you what a school nurse is. A school nurse is a specialized kind of nursing that is involved in the academic or school setting. A lot of what they're doing is helping to promote education and health within that setting; so they're doing a lot of health education, sex education; at times they're intervening with actual potential or potential health problems; they're administering medications. I think as the diabetes type II syndrome is coming up a whole lot with younger children, they're helping to manage that and educate that within that setting. So they're checking their blood sugars and they're giving insulin injections. And they're also trying to promote health in, health education to the family. So it's, it's both with the students and the parents and it's actually a dying breed. There's only 45,000 nurses in the United States at this time. And that's what a school nurse is.