Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment I want to talk about how to grow zinnia flowers from seeds. Now zinnias are a beautiful beautiful flower and they are easy to grow and the best time to start them by seed is at least two weeks after the last frost. You can start the seeds indoors or outdoors but they really don't get going until it is 70 and above outside so even if you start them early a lot of times they are really not going to get going until later so I have found it is almost easier to start them in May and June if you live outside in a colder climate and then they'll come up and they'll bloom all Summer long. They need full sun, good compost, organic material, just potting soil is the best type of material you can give them. You can put them in the container or right in the ground but they do need full hot sun and when you are growing them by seed you can actually start the seeds right in a wet paper towel inside. They'll start to germinate and you'll turn around and put those seeds right into the ground and then they'll come up and continue to grow and live all Summer long and zinnias too I have found if you periodically cut out the blooms in the middle of the Summer and bring them in as cut flowers they'll continue to shoot off more flower so they are one of the plants that gives you an extra bonus by giving you more flowers through the Fall and a lot of times they'll keep blooming through the first frost and as soon as they are done blooming in the Fall and if you live in a cold climate they'll just die back to nothing in the first frost and then you have to start the seeds again in the Spring. If you live in a warmer climate a lot of times they'll come back from year to year and they're more of a perennial than an annual but if you live in a cold climate they are an annual and you have to start them every Spring but they're worth the effort and they're a gorgeous gorgeous plant in your garden.