Video transcription

Hi, my name is Mark Blocker. In this segment, we're going to cover how do auto battery chargers work. Auto battery chargers work...basically they take household current, a hundred-twenty volt, AC current, and convert that down to a twelve volt DC current used for charging automotive batteries. Also, the units that are stated auto battery charges have a circular regulating device that ensures the batter only charges 'til it's full and then comes on as necessary to keep the battery, battery fully maintained. How it does this is by taking a hundred and ten volt AC and it converts it down through a step down transformer, down to a lower voltage, usually somewhere between twenty-four and twenty-eight volts, AC. That goes through a full wave rectifier or a half wave rectifier which removes almost all or some of the AC sign wave converting into a full DC or partially half way DC voltage used for charging automotive batteries. That's how an auto battery charger works.