Video transcription

Hello, my name is Mark Blocker. In this segment, we're going to cover how to jump-start your car. You're going to need a set of jumper cables, and you always want to connect to the vehicle you're starting from. Connect the dead car last, so we're going to be connecting to a hot battery, so for safety precaution, I'm going to take one of the clips, and clip it to the other cable, and that's going to prevent those two from touching together, while I've got it connected to a hot battery. You always want to connect to the hot one first, and I'll tell you why in just a minute. The black one being negative, the red one being positive, you connect the black one first, and then the red one, and on the vehicle that's dead, on the vehicle that's dead, you want to connect the positive side first, and then we're going to connect the negative side to the engine block itself, down here at the distributor, and what that does, is it bypasses the negative circuit, and goes straight to the engine, and makes sure we have a good connection, but more importantly, because this vehicle is dead, there might be a load on the system somewhere. When we connect up that last connection, being the negative side, it could create a spark, and by connecting it to the engine block, we have that spark a long ways away from the battery, in case of any possibility of acid fumes present in the battery, could cause an explosion, so I'm going to go ahead, and connect the red one to the positive terminal. If there's any questions as to which one is positive or negative, it should be marked clearly on the battery, or on top mount battery post. The large terminal is always the positive one, and then just connect the negative side to the engine block, and now you can go ahead and start the vehicle. If the vehicle doesn't start right away, you might have to let it sit, and wait about five minutes, while the other vehicle is running, to charge up the batteries. It depends on what the starter current draw is, and whether your cables are capable holding that much current, and that's how you jump start a car.