Video transcription

Hi, I'm Laura from and I'm going to talk about teaching aids for primary school. Some things that can really help you as a teacher in the primary grades are things that will help you to do your job more easily. I've seen some great things out there that you can buy that will help you to have your bulletin board put together and can be really flexible and reusable. So, look for materials that will help you with things like classroom decoration, classroom organization like bulletin board materials. You can also find some forms that are customizable. You may find some templates that you can reuse and do tailor to each specific assignment. But, if you can find some basic forms that you'll be recreating, that is a great time saver, and it's a really good teaching aid for you to have some forms ready to go that you can just customize. Another thing to look for are things to help you centers. Most primary teachers have various centers in their classroom where students will go and do work, and there are materials that are in a box that have everything that you need to create a center. You might find products like silly sentences, or another grammar product where the kids can do a multiple projects using them, but they might be things that you can set up and allow for the kids to do them on their own in a center setting. A great teaching aid is a pre-made book that's a cover with some blank paper inside and then some staples. These are so great to have around, you can make so many of them ahead of time and have them ready to go for different writing projects and different assignments. So those are some ideas about teaching aids for primary grades.