Video transcription

Hey, my name is Shaun and I'm here with the Wilmington Boxing and Fitness Center. And I'm here today to show you which machine works best for your stomach. And here's, I use the decline bench. And I feel like it's better because you know, you're pulling up your own body weight. And you're also you know, you gotta force your abs to contract more when you're coming up. And when using this piece of equipment here, you're going to want to sit down first, bring your legs around, get your first leg over then you want to bring your second leg over. Make sure you're solid, your feet is up on the pair assist. When you're going down, you want to go down and as you're coming up while doing this exercise, you want to make sure that you're breathing out. That's number one with any exercise, you want to breathe and as you're going back down you want to inhale the air. And the to me, this piece of equipment here is the best exerciser to work your stomach.