Video transcription

Let's talk about pneumonia symptoms in dogs. Pneumonia can be fairly common especially in dogs that are getting geriatric or have immuno suppressive problems that is they don't have good immune systems and so the symptoms of pneumonia basically involve the lungs obviously. So pneumonia would be infection or inflammation inside the lung tissue. Those symptoms can be mild, moderate, or severe depending on how much lung tissue or lung function has been compromised and so coughing is probably the number one sign or symptom associated with pneumonia. The other things that can go along with pneumonia are decreased appetite, vomiting, also increased respiratory effort and respiratory rate, that is a dog panting or taking very deep breaths rapidly can also be a symptom. Pneumonia compromises oxygen exchange within the lung tissue and therefore, oxygen is not as high in the blood stream as it should be so therefore, sometimes the gum color can be off as well not nice and pink. It can be a little bit blue tinged or something like that in mild cases and so vomiting, gagging, coughing and the upper airway are all symptoms as well as struggling or straining to breath and very calmly as well open mouth breathing because these dogs are trying to get the most air possible. Sometimes they will actually even only want to sit sternly and not want to lay on their side because they can't get enough air if they lay on their side. If you have any concerns about that that can be life threatening. Pneumonia is very very deadly and you need to check with your veterinary clinic first and quickly especially if your dog has vomited and then all of a sudden starts to act in any of these manners because they can aspirate fluid from vomiting and that can cause an immediate and dangerous type of pneumonia.