Video transcription

Let's talk about what are the first signs of pregnancy in a dog. After conception, dogs go about 63 days for gestation meaning that's how long it takes to start having puppies, give or take a few days. The first signs that one would see when a dog is pregnant actually don't occur until much later and sometimes just a few weeks before giving birth. Those symptoms or signs generally involve the mammary tissue first. Dogs have a chain of mammary tissue that is multiple mammary glands on either side of their abdomen going into longitudinal lines and so that tissue a couple weeks before giving birth is going to swell. Closer to giving birth, that tissue is going to start producing milk and so that is one sign that people will notice very commonly. Another first sign that can be seen in pregnancy is increased appetite. So obviously with puppies you can deal with either one puppy in there or 10 puppies in there and so the mother is going to have to increase her appetite to compensate for the growth rate of their puppies. So that's another sign and it follows that the abdominal cavity is going to start getting larger closer to giving birth as well due to eating so much and also due to the bulk size of those puppies. And so those are the typical signs that are seen first for pregnancy. If you think your dog is pregnant, talk to your veterinary clinic, they can help you out, what to watch for, when, what to look for for nursing and when the healthy puppies or non-healthy puppies are born and what to do and just talk to them they can help you through that.