Video transcription

Hi, my name's Joe. I'm at Break Time Billiards in Wilmington, North Carolina. There are many games of pool to be played. One of the most popular is eight ball, then nine ball, straight pool, one pocket. You have snooker. There's just a tremendous amount of games that can be played on a pool table. In eight ball, the rules are that you're going to break behind the headstring. You're going to break the balls, and then you're going to have to choose by making a ball as to whether you want the solids or the stripes. You'll then go ahead and you'll pocket all your stripes or all your solids, and then you'll pocket the eight ball. And whoever pockets the eight ball at the end is the winner. In nine ball, instead of having all 15 balls racked, you're only going to have nine balls racked. The object there is that you break the balls. You have to shoot the balls in numeric order, and whoever makes the nine balls wins the game. In one pocket, you break the balls using all 15 balls. You'll break from one side of the table or the other, and the side that you break from, the other pocket is your pocket. You have to score eight balls in your pocket before the other person scores eight in his. Straight pool is no more than you racking the 15 balls. You make a legal break. You can shoot any ball that you choose. You keep score of points. You play to 50, 125, 150 -- your choice -- and as long as you're making balls and continuing breaking the balls, leaving the last ball of the rack as your break ball to use to break the balls, you continue shooting. If you miss, your opponent shoots. The first man to get to the prescribed number of points wins the game. Those are some of the general rules for playing some of the games that you can play on a pool table.