Video transcription

Hi, my name is John Budden with Shutter Priority Imaging Center. Today we''re going to talk about setting your shutter speed. Some cameras like as such automatic camera's or point and shoots, you have no option. They set the shutter automatically for you. The goal of setting your shutter speed is to make the proper exposure to your film or your imaging censor. What we are going to do though is we are going to show you how to control the speed or the time it takes for your exposure to be set. Typically in bright light situations and also in trying stop action photography what we will be doing is setting our shutter speed to a faster speed. To set the shutter speed to a faster speed the numbers typically on your dial are set as such. The higher the number the faster the shutter speed is. The lower the number the slower the shutter speed is. Here again, what we are doing is we're making that proper exposure. In high light situations you are going to be going to a faster shutter speed and in low light situations where there is not as much light we have to give more time for the film or the imaging sensor to be exposed correctly so we are going to slow our shutter speed down. It's a very simple act going from fast to slower.