Video transcription

Let's talk about how to get ticks off of dogs. The most common thing that we worry about with ticks, of course, is tick-borne diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, Ehrlichia, things of that nature, and so ticks can be a burden and can cause significant disease, so you want to be vigilant in getting ticks off of your dog. If you see a tick, and just one tick or something like that then the easiest thing to do is use a pair of tweezers and grasp right at the head of the tick and gently pull out. You want to get that head out, because it can cause local infection and inflammation right there where that head was. The other way is, these days, is using anti-tick products. There are a lot of products on the market, and you know, you have to make sure you're using the correct one for the right species, so make sure you talk to your veterinary clinic and use a safe one. Now, what you can do is if your dog has multiple ticks there's no way you can pull each one of these off, so you can use one of these types of products topically, and then generally, within twenty four hours or so those ticks are going to be dying and then falling off. You can also take a comb after these these ticks have died, and gently comb through your your your dog's hair coat and pull off any dead ticks, as well. And so, prevention is going to be the key with products, especially dogs that are outside in the summers and running in the woods and that sort of thing, because ticks can cause a lot of disease, and you want to prevent them first.