How to Remove Stains From Formica

Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rachel Yatuzis and I'm going to show you how to remove stains from Formica. Usually Formica, of course, is found on your counter tops. The best way to keep if from getting stains is to wipe if off regularly. That can be done with you know, any household cleaner. The good thing about Formica is it's very durable. I highly suggest it for people who do a lot of cooking or have kids in the house that may ruin things easily, you know, just use a regular all purpose cleaner and wipe it. If you have a stubborn stain on your Formica counter tops that will not, will not go away, grab some baking soda. Add a little bit of water until you get a paste like this. This paste will, what what I like to call, it will cook out the stain. I call it cooking out the stain because you can apply it to the stain. You can rub it a little bit if you want. You don't want to scrub it to hard. You don't want to scratch the counter tops and, and then wipe it away. If you still have a super stubborn stain, something that you just think is not going to come out, you've tried everything, put your baking soda and water solution right there, get some plastic wrap, oops...let's see. Oh, we can get it. There we go. Put the plastic wrap oven the stain and the baking soda, take the edges and leave it there overnight or for a couple of hours. The baking soda and water will cook the stain up out of the counter tops and then you would just wipe it away. That's it. I'm Rachel Yatuzis and that is how you remove stains from Formica.

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