Video transcription

Hi I'm Laura from and I'm going to talk about how to make flashcards. Flashcards are really useful for spelling words, they can be useful for math facts, foreign language and one of the easiest things to make. You start with some card stock for example I bought some note cards that were unlined so I have, they're already a pretty good size for making flashcards. Then just write your word for example a spelling word like round, that's a pretty easy way to do it. Now you could continue to write your words and then when you're ready cut them so that you'll have a good size that's handy that you can put in a backpack or keep handy to do some practice with the spelling words whenever you have a few spare minutes. Now if you do a math fact or a foreign language, that can be a little different. For example, if you had the foreign language word on one side for example if you're learning numbers like in Spanish, you may write the Spanish version on one side and then write the English version on the other side. So that way you'll be able to if someone is drilling the student they'll have the answers available to them. So those are some ideas about how to make flashcards.