Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about how to remove moss from grass. Now moss grows in shade in moist conditions. So it doesn't like bright hot sun and really good organic soil, it likes compacted wet mucky soil. So if you've got moss in your lawn, you can remove it but you're still not addressing the issue. It's probably too shady so the easiest way to address that issue is just cut some of the bottom branches off of the trees so some light can come in, maybe thin the trees a bit and then that way your lawn will get some light because that's the reason the moss is growing and then you don't have any good organic material. There's nothing for the lawn to grow onto, you've probably put the lawn right onto clay, there's no organic material, it's just clay, there's nothing for that lawn to live on. It's dying because it's starving to death. So the easiest way to remove the moss is to just throw grass seed over it and just cover it up with some soil. You got to move everything up, you need a layer. So at least put maybe 3, 6 inches of good compost material, potting soil, any good type of soil. Cover the whole area up every spring and every fall and add lots of grass seed, just grass seed, put 3 times the grass seed then you think you need. And then that way in the summer and the winter, the grass will fill in over that moss and it'll have lots of composted material to grow into and you will find you'll have a beautiful green lawn with grass instead of moss.