Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we're going to talk about, "How to plant peach seeds"? Now peaches are a wonderful fruit tree and we love to enjoy the fruits of our labors in the fall when they create this gorgeous peach fruit. Now peaches in the Northwest are hard to grow because they really like a little more of an arid condition. They like desert, really high deserts where it's really really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. So in milder climates they don't generally do as well as in the colder climates. But there's still easy to grow and they're a fun plant to try. And I have found lots of different fruits will actually grow from the seed and this little peach seed just came from the fruit and we've just taken the fruit off of it and now we're left with the seed. And it, what you want to do is not try it out too much. You want to dry it out maybe on some newspapers so that it doesn't get moldy over the winter; but, it's also good to leave it a little bit on the damp side. So even wrapping it with a newspaper or leaving it in a box or a container is always a good way to do it. And then the best time to plant your seed is in the spring time. So you want to plant your peach seed right after the last frost. So you want to, you don't want to plant it when it's freezing out. You want to wait till the last frost and then just plant it, maybe three inches deep in full hot sun and good composted drained soil 'cause they don't like in clay where it's really, really thick and they can't grow roots. And then just water them as needed over the summer and make sure that it never dries out completely because once it starts and you dry it out, then you're going to lose the plant. So you, once you get it through that first summer, it will get lots of water for the continuous winters and then it'll continue to grow and you'll have a gorgeous peach tree in your yard.