Video transcription

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment, we're going to talk all about the different types of poppies. Now poppies are a really pretty flower in the garden, and they come in so many shapes and sizes, and varieties. Now the most popular poppy that I know of is the California poppy, and they come in bright oranges, and reds, and pinks, and they're more of a field type of flower. They don't make a real great cut flower, but they're a beautiful addition. And they just start them by seed in the spring and they just multiply and they just make a gorgeous show all through the summer. So there's the poppy from California, the California poppy. All poppies are papavers, and there's many different varieties. And there's the Alpine poppy which is a perennial that grows in all zones and it grows in the Alpine areas and has blue-green, nearly hairless leaves, and in the spring it has white, orange, and yellow salmon flowers. There's the Iceland poppy which is also a perennial and is grown as an annual in warm winter areas because it needs a cold, cold winter. So the flowers are cup shaped, and about three inches across, and they have a slight fragrance. And Iceland poppies come in yellow, orange, salmon, rose, pink, cream, and white. And again, in mild climates, they bloom in the winter and early spring, and might not make it from year to year without a colder winter. But they're from Iceland and they're beautiful, and many different varieties. Then the other popular poppy that's caused quite the controversy in history over the years is the Oriental poppy. And the Oriental poppy is also a perennial and grows in zones one to seventeen. Again in warm climates, it might not come back from year to year because it needs a cold winter. And there's many different types of varieties, and they make seed pods that are used to make opium, and they take sap out of the seed pods to make opium. So there was a time when they were illegal, but now we just use them in our gardens and they are beautiful. There is many different types of poppies, there's California poppy, Iceland poppies, Alpine poppies; there's Oriental poppies, and there's Flanders poppies. But all the varieties have one thing in common; they have beautiful flowers that look like paper roses that bloom every summer and are just a delight in the garden.