Video transcription

Hi, I'm Sue and I'm in West Jordan, Utah and we're going to talk today about getting stains out of jeans. Often you crawl around on the jeans and you get a grass stain. One of the easiest way, you can lay them down and take some water and just kind of blot it. Blot it up with some clear water and then take some rubbing alcohol and some water, mix it about 3 to 1. Because you don't want too much of the rubbing alcohol. And spread that all over the stain and let it sit and soak in for maybe about an hour. Then go ahead and laundry it as usual. One thing after, your could do after that if that doesn't work, you can also try using just a pretreatment stain removal. Spray it really good and let it soak for an additional hour. And at last resort, I would probably tire some hydrogen peroxide because it would be better than not being able to wear the clothing without the stain.