Video transcription

Hi, I'm Sue in West Jordan, and I'm going to show you today, how to get out a deodorant stain, off dark clothing, which can be kind of embarrassing. If you take the clothing, you're going to spread it out on a hard surface, and take some baking soda, sprinkle it all over the shirt, let it sit for a second, and then you might even want to rub it in with your fingers, or a toothbrush. And then you want to gently take some vinegar, and pour it over, on top of the baking soda, and that's going to cause a chemical reaction. There's going to be a lot of bubbles. Try it a couple of times, sprinkle some more baking soda, and then add some more vinegar, and that will make sure that the deodorant, the stain, is out. Another easier way, just on regular clothing that's maybe not so dark, is just try brushing some vinegar over the stain, and then letting it soak in a tub of water, maybe half way full, with some detergent in it. Let it sit over night, and then go ahead and launder it as usual, in the morning.