Video transcription

I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to restring a weed eater. Well in all my years of dealing with that it has been nothing but trial and frustration and taking the head off, taking the inside of it and wrapping the string can really lead to more grief than anything. Fortunately the folks at Shanawa Corporation have designed a head that is the best thing going in restringing and being able to see the string on the head when you are weed eating because of the protective cover. The way to restring this one, there is an arrow on both sides of the top of the head and we line that up with the hole where the string comes out and that gives you a direct shot as if you look through it and you can see all the way through. You cut your string several feet of it, you run that string through that hole, take both ends of it and pull it together to where your ends are even and come back and just twist the head and it rolls it up for you. Get it to the proper length, the proper length being where your cutter piece is and you are ready to go. I guarantee you it takes all the frustration out of it, it is fast, it is quick and you can be done in no time whatsoever. These heads I think fit different brands, I'm not 100% sure but check with your equipment dealer and see what you have to get a Shanawa head. From a restringing standpoint and from a view standpoint of being able to see what you are doing you will really be pleased.