Video transcription

I'm Bill Elzey, with Showplace Lawns. How to remove grass fungus. Ideally, you don't want fungus to begin with, and by proper watering practices and things you can eliminate, go a long way to eliminate fungus from happening. An aeration with its drying patterns will help go a long way in keeping fungus from being activated in the soil. What activates the fungus is cool temperatures and moisture, so you definitely do not want to be watering late in the day or at night during the cool part of the year, fall through early spring. Those two things will help prevent that from happening. However, fungus will occur, so there are a couple of things to take in account to take care of it with. The use of Actinovate is a very good product. It is a spray mixed with water, and sprayed on the yard. This also can be used to help prevent fungus by doing it out ahead of the time you get fungus; usually August time frame for the fall, February, early March time frame for the spring. It is a preventative. It's also a curative. The other thing to use; horticultural grade cornmeal. What we have found works really good is to do a combination of both the Actinovate and the cornmeal by putting the cornmeal out, and then coming back and spraying over it with the Actinovate. That is a really good program. There is a product that's in your refrigerator that you can use as well to battle the fungus and that's milk; good old regular milk that's in the refrigerator. Mixing that, the ratio of two ounces to a hundred and twenty ounces of water is a good milk spray. Using that milk spray for three consecutive weeks is another way to retard this fungus activity. So, the use of cornmeal, the use of the product Actinovate, using some milk to make a spray, or a combination of the Actinovate and cornmeal. Good ways to remove fungus from grass.