Video transcription

Hi my name is Eric Fisher I'm a cardiologist in Austin, Texas with Capital Cardio dot com. And I'm here to answer the question of what should your blood pressure be. Typically your blood pressure should be less then one forty over ninety. Although there's a broad range of blood pressures below one forty over ninety. And the average blood pressure or target blood pressure that generally we shoot for is about one twenty over seventy. Blood pressures that are too high are anything over one forty over ninety and blood pressures that are borderline are between one thirty to one forty on the top number, which is called the systolic blood pressure. Or between eighty and ninety on the bottom number which is called the diastolic blood pressure. There's no blood pressure that's actually too low other then blood pressures that actually cause symptomatology which means blood pressure that would make you feel bad as a result of being low. And that's what your blood pressure should be.