Video transcription

So why do we use angles? What is it for? Hi, I am Jimmy Chang I have been teaching college mathematics for nine years and angles are actually more used than we think and in the next couple of minutes we will come up with examples as to how they are commonly used. One application of angles is surveying. When you are going out there you have to go in a lot of different directions whether it be northwest, southeast, etcetera, but all of those directions come with various angles. Whether you measure them in degree form or radian form. So without angles no one be able to survey accurately, and to figure out where they need to be at various points. This is related to construction. You have to build things at various angles, if we did not have angles then frankly a lot of our objects would either be strictly all circular or strictly all rectangular, be kind of dull after a while. If you have angles you can definitely create things from various vantage points to have a lot more variety in your objects. Surgery. It is true. If you have to operate sometimes you have to figure out exactly what is the best angle, no pun intended, to operate, because if you did not know then unfortunately surgeries would be a lot more deadly than it has to be. So there is a lot of precision involved and part of that involves what kind of angle for which to do the operation on a patient. Two very diverse topics, sports and the military. In football for example, to figure out the best way to defend against your in-zone you have to figure out a way to tackle the runner or tackle the quarterback for a sac so as not to allow points or yardage. Yes there is actually angles involved when it comes to figuring out the best way to do such a thing, and if you are on offense you have to figure out the best angles to run so as to avoid a defender. Same thing in military engagements, you have to figure what the best way is to attack or defend against the enemy. There are a lot of different angles and vantage points so as to protect your fellow troops as well as your own lives. So these are just a few, but angles are used everywhere. My name is Jimmy Chang and that is exactly why you would use angles.