Video transcription

Hi, I'm Noah and today we're going to learn about how wireless routers work. A wireless router is a hardware device that's used to allow several computers to connect to a network wirelessly. Now you'll find these wireless routers often in public places like airports, or most coffee places like Starbuck's or others...wireless routers are also used at home so you can share an Internet connection between several computers without having to pay a separate Internet access fee for each computer in your household. These wireless routers can generally transmit the signals up to three hundred feet meaning a computer anywhere in three hundred feet around it can easily connect to the router, even if it's behind separate walls, or even on another floor of the building. The way these wireless routers work is through wireless fidelity, or WiFi. Basically, the router receives data from the Internet and translated, translates it into a radio signal which it then sends to the computer, and vice versa, the computer can transmit a radio signal through it's wireless adapter back to the router, and the router can then upload that information to the Internet. Now most new computers are shipped with a wireless adapter internally included inside. But if you have an older computer, than you might need to use a wireless USB adapter like this one, which can be purchased really easily for a, for pretty low prices. The wireless router itself though, will often be connected to a DSL or cable modem through and Ethernet cable.