Video transcription

Let's talk about what rabbits eat. Rabbits are herbivores. Their main part of their diet basically starts around hay, like Timothy hay. They need this for roughage, they require it every single day. They also will eat grasses, things of that nature. Timothy hay, a lot of times comes in pelleted form and you can get a commercial rabbit food designed in a pelleted form which you can use as a supplement as well. But you always need to use fresh Timothy hay as well to encourage them to eat. They eat many times during the day. They have a very slow digestive process. They're hind gut fermenters. And what that means essentially is that all the work of digestion is basically around the colon and the cecal area which is in the hind gut. They actually have a loose type of stool that occurs at night, that's called a night feces. And this is rich in vitamins and minerals and they will ingest this type of night feces to actually give themselves more natural vitamins and minerals that they did not absorb the first time it was going through. And so, check with your veterinary clinic, make sure that your getting the right food for the right species of animal. They also have teeth that continuously grow and they can actually have malocclusion or problems with angles of teeth and especially if they're not getting enough roughage, and aren't eating enough roughage, these teeth can malocclude and start causing dental problems associated with that.