Video transcription

Ok in this segment we'll cover installing the trim molding for the door casing. Now we are going to start with the left side, our reveals are already set up for us because we are using the existing molding that was removed before and that's going to be determined by the position of the base molding down there. And whatever reveal is there will follow the same line right up the door. And we kind of clamped everything down, put everything together for a pre fit to make sure the molding will go all around and line up correctly. And all looks good, so we'll just go ahead and fasten it at this time. Now in these multi layered trim pieces, maybe you'll shoot your nail in the groove, it's real easy to cover with caulk and almost impossible to see, it doesn't leave a big divot out in the middle of the shiny portion of molding where it's easy to see. And I'm just going to put three light loose ones in until we get everything on and then I can go around and add a few more nails, that way if I need to make some adjustments they won't be as difficult. Ok you finished putting on the right side, now I'm just going to put in three nails. I'm going to go back and put a few more in, when we finish out. But this way If I need to make some adjustments I don't have as much to, it won't be as difficult for me to do so. So we'll come down and do the right side next. And we are going to follow the same procedures as the left side, where we just set it up according to our base molding and that determines the reveal line and we follow the same straight reveal line going up. So it fits good, so I'm just going to grab the gun. I'm going to need a little bit more air hose here. Ok I'll come back in a few minutes add a few more nails before we put the top piece on. And the next step is just to install the top piece of the molding. And I still got a little bit of caulk here in there in these old pieces. You want to make sure and get all that removed so you can get all your miter joints nice and tight. Ok looks pretty good. And what I'm going to do is just go out and clean up these miter joints real quick, so I'll pull this down and we'll be right back and install it. Ok following the same procedure as the two sides, I just lay in the top piece of the molding, nail it down and that's it. Concluded, that finishes our project on replacing a sliding glass door, finishing out the interior and exterior. Please watch our other movies or other training videos in these training areas.