Video transcription

today we are navigating our way through a pattern for sewing and we are really looking at what you need to make something and how to follow those directions. Because, sometimes, if you are just getting started it all seems like a jumble. Now before we leave the back of the pattern just one more thing. As you see from the front of the pattern, you see the actual front views but the back of the pattern shows you the back views. It also gives you these little insignias. They're triangles and squares and hour glasses. Those are the shapes that they've designated this pattern to look good on. So if you are an hour glass shape well, everything looks good on you. If you're a triangle, meaning, very broad shoulders, this is a great pattern and if you are really no hips, no waist just kind of a box shape, we're going to make you look good with this top. Now we're putting down that and we are going to the actual pattern. When you open the pattern you are going to see some tissue paper. Now this isn't tissue paper to wrap your gifts in this is the actual pattern, it's tissue paper. And, make sure you've got the directions. That's this piece of paper that is just filled with everything you need to know about cutting out your pattern and how you are going to sew it. This has got to be in the envelope and it's going to help navigate through the entire process of making that perfect outfit. So come back because we're going to really get into the nitty gritty.