Video transcription

The next thing we'd like to do with our box is to the sides. I found this other napkin here that has a nice border so I'm going to use that border. I like it. It looks nice with our colors and our design. I'm going to first check to see how it fits. It fits perfectly if I just cut right up to the green. Just cut that border as straight as possible. You can cut it also on a cutting board with a ruler and an Exacto knife. You have to be very careful because the napkin material is to fragile that often it tears very easily. We're just trimming. I just want that little plaid strip to put on the front. Okay. You can go right over the holes and we'll just poke that later. That's how we're going to adhere it. Now, it doesn't fit all the way around so we're going to need 2 pieces. You just want to find how far it would go. If we're going to put a joint, I don't want the joint in the front of the box. What I'll do is I'll around the front and to the sides, and then I'll add the next piece over here where it's not as noticeable. Right in the front of the box, you don't want to have a seam. You should have a continuous piece. On the side of the box, it's not as noticeable and we'll put a seam there. You're going to remove your layers and double check that there isn't an extra layer there. I'm going to cut off this part that isn't the design that we want. I need to cut another strip to continue down the sides.