Video transcription

And we're going to weave our coordinating fabric through these slits. Start your weaving at the corner by going in through the front. You can poke it in with your finger or you can use a scissor or a pencil to poke it through your slit. Take a closed scissor and just give that a shove and pull it right through and you just continue like this, weaving in and out of these holes until you get to the end of the poncho. You don't have to worry about it rolling or a tuck, you can always move it around later. Just weave it in and out easily. You want to finish with the strip coming out through the front like this and then repeat on the rest of the sides of the poncho with your other coordinating colors. When you finish weaving in all your coordinating fabrics, we'll just take the two ends and tie them with a simple square knot, a right over left and left over right. You don't want to pull too tight to make this bunch up and that's cute and that'll just hang down and you do that for all the corners.