Video transcription

We saw how the plus sign works in our Google search. Now, let's see how the minus sign works. The minus sign will tell Google not to include a particular search term in its search. For instance, this comes in handy let's say when we are doing a search for techincal information. Let's put in "clean mini disk" and we do a search that we end up getting a lot of results from merchants offering to sell us either some type of mini disks or cleaning kits and that's not what I'm really looking for. I am looking for technical information on how to actually clean the mini disk. So, what I want to do is in my search, I am going to limit my search to just the words "clean mini disk." I am going to put a minus sign next to the word "merchant." Now when Google does the search, it is going not look for any items any pages that have the word "merchant" it's not going to return those pages in my results. So, therefore, I am going to get a more specific search and a much more specific results to exactly what I'm looking for.