Video transcription

In this series of clips I will be showing you how to make personalized stationary and cards. Family cards, a friend?s birthday, graduation and weddings. The ability to give your personal touch is endless. Use the things you have around the house. Pictures, computers, magazines, newspaper articles to enhance your creative ability and to make it personal. I've chosen some of these different types of papers, I like this marble paper for writing letters but you can do it on all different colors of paper or just on white paper, which ever you choose. Different color ink pens are good for doing some of the writing if you?re going to hand write. Stickers and maybe lettering if you don't want a hand letter but just things you have around the house you'll be amazed what you can come up with. I personally like pictures especially in birthday cards. Different scissors that do different edgings is good. You'll need a glue stick and some scotch tape; we will also be showing you how to do some of this through the computer.