Video transcription

Planting the strawberries in peat pots is a real easy way to go. It makes it a lot easier to handle a plant and it is easy on the plant as far as transplant shock goes. I am going to plant these strawberries in groups of 4 and we are going to be able to let them hang over the edge because I am planting them close to the edge as well as spread out into the main part of the raised bed. I am kind of staggering them back and forth so that they will be easier to water if we do get around to the system that we are going to use for watering and it will give the root system time to grow that they don't get intertwined with each other. We are going to plant on both sides of the irrigation line which is that black pipe you are looking at. Like I said while a go if you notice I am planting them close to the edge so that some of these strawberries tend to vine a little bit so that some of these will be able to grow over the edge and fall over and produce fruit actually outside of the bed which allows for being less crowded. Strawberries like a little shade. I am planting them in a place where according to my calculations later on in the summer we will be getting afternoon shade which is real important for any kind of shade loving plant like roses and strawberries in particular.