Video transcription

You can use your table saw for dadoes. If you don’t have a dado blade, there’s another easy way to do it. We’ve got 1 X 4 stock here that we’re just going to use for an example. We’re going to dado half way through. We’ll set our blade at 3/8 of an inch and we’re going to put a dado right down the middle of it. 3 ½ inches wide, so if we’re going to take ¾ out to form sort of a T, we’re going to leave ourselves with an inch and 3/8 on either side. Take the fence, set it at an inch and 3/8. Check it. It’s ¾. Now, all we have to do is clear out the rest of the material. The way you do that is you move your fence 1/8 of an inch away from the blade and you just keep flipping until all the material’s gone.