Video transcription

Today we are going to talk about how to plant, grow and harvest potatoes. Now it is time to harvest our potatoes. I love doing this. I'm like a little kid, I love to play in teh dirt. I do it by hand. You make a lot of tools out there you can use to harvest them. would rather do it by hand because it reduces the damage of the potato when you actually pull it. So now we have our hill of potato. What I am going to do is just kind of pull the plant out a little bit and get that out of the way. What you want to do is take our hand and go right down the stem, go down and pull out nice and gently. You don't want to damage the potatoes. Oops, I feel one. I am just going to twist and pull at the same time and look at that. Oh boy, I can't wait to eat that. I bet there is more down here to. Oops, there's another one. Try to dig them all out. If you don't get them all, it's no big deal but what may happen in the Spring is what's left behind they grow into new potato plants. That's what I call volunteers.