Video transcription

We are going to show you how to install garage door opener today this is being filmed by Black Dog Video you could visit us at Now we have run the wires neatly dressed them all the way back. One trick that I use when we ran the two together from the door here I have twisted them around there selfs so they stay together you don't have two separate ones going all over. We have brought them down here what we need to do is use a wire strippers to clean off the installation so we could make a good contact. So we just have these strippers that strip them off you could use a knife but a lot times a knife could actually slice through the wire, make it weaker. So we would strip each of them off and then what we are going to do is a similar wires we connect, twist together. By similar I mean on the wire you notice that one has a black strike on the side of it and so the two with the black strikes we put together. So we would take the two black strikes ones twist the pairs together a pair of alinement's pliers helps ...twist these things together. Then we do the two whites. Now in this particular type installation the gray and the white right here receptacles where we are going to run the wires. So we just going to plug the wires right to that hole and they lock in and the other one we just put in the hole and push it in and it locks right in. so you notice that I left a little services little open case if we ever to do modifies it in the future. Now this are the controllers for the they were originally here for the other garage door and they are going to go in the other two connections. All the different openers are going to have different instructions on which holes to put them in so you are going to have to read your manual and get them in the right holes. What I got white, gray right here whatever doesn't make a difference you got to look at your installation manual and install them the way they say to.