Video transcription

FRED CARSON: Hi. My name is Fred Carson. I'm from Carson's Saw Shop in Eugene, Oregon. I've been sharpening tools for over thirty years and I'm here with Expert Village. Okay. We have a band saw here. These are portable metal bands. They're made for cutting small logs. But I do have friends that are cutting thirty-six inch logs with this band saw, and we need to sharpen it. It needs to have a nice, sharp edge up on the top of the tooth and then this gullet right in here has to have some hook. This saw looks like it's a little bit low on hooks. They do cut a lot better if they've been sharpened correctly. This machine is an Italian machine. We've had it for a good twenty years and it just keeps on ticking. It's got a finger that moves the tooth and then the grinder comes in. It's adjustable for different teeth, different teeth-per-inch. Okay. Just like that and you adjust the wheel down, just spin 'em on, spin 'em on. And that should work like so. Kinda need to keep things blue and stick without some pretty rusty tools here in Oregon. And that's sharpening the face of the tooth and the top. First, it hits the face and then hits the top of the tooth. This is a professional grade type band saw sharpener. Yup. Okay. That's how you sharpen a band saw.