Video transcription

We're here today to talk about the propagation of your geranium. It is an extremely easy plant to propagate. You can choose a variety of materials in order to propagate your geranium with. I find that sand works very well, other people choose soil, pure light, vermiculite, a mixture of all the above. Again, I prefer sand. Now in your local nursery or home center, you can find these wonderful gel packs. They work very well, again, I prefer the sand. You take a cutting from your geranium, making sure that all the bottom leaves from your cutting is removed. Take your fungicide powder, dip your cutting, removing the excess from your cutting. Take your cutting, making sure that you fit it snugly into your soil or sand. Now, making sure at a later date that you do not over water your geranium cuttings. Any medium is good for your planting. What you're trying to do is keep a constant temperature of around sixty-five to seventy degrees for the stimulation of the roots. Again, this in easy little plant to propagate. You can go and get advice from any local nursery men or home center, on ways to propagate your geranium.