Video transcription

I've got a piece of horn stone here. We're just going to play around with it and make some scrapers, maybe a hand ax, make a lot of different tools out of quite a small rock. I'm going to see how many tools I can come up with here and what we end up with. Maybe we'll end up with a bi-face in the middle, a bunch of tools, possibly a hand ax. It's actually almost a hand ax as it is now. We'll just play around with it and see what we come up with. Some little flakes, very nice cutting edge. Could be made into an arrow head. Mistake. Another little cutting edge. Has quite a little bit of fractures in it. There's some flaws in this rock, it's probably just good for tool making. A nice cutting edge. We can make some thin long blades coming off of this side. Now I hit that more than 3 times so I've got a problem there. What got something set up right or it's kind of a hard hit and it kind of fell apart. We got a rock that's diving out and it's got some little inclusions in it right here, little crystals. This causes a little problem sometimes. This is a very hard rock. Good for tool making though. This would hold up much better than something like obsidian. Now I've got a fairly sharp edge right here. This could be used as a little hand ax for cutting saplings down, small tree even. That could be used to saw through it or to just hit with it. But we're going to process this thing down till it's gone and see what we come up with.