Video transcription

Hi, this is Alison of Fair Frou Frou in Studio City on behalf of Expert Village and in this clip I'll be talking about how to wear a strapless bra. So, in this case this is a bra by Cosabella and what I recommend when purchasing a strapless bra is that you purchase the bra that actually comes with the straps so that way you get, you know, double use for the bra. What we show here is just the bra, it's quite simple to take off the straps, as shown here, they're quite easy with these little hooks at the end. And with this type of bra it's wonderful because you can wear it in a number of ways. So, again we had it as you first saw it with just the regular straps and then you see it with the straps removed. And a wonderful thing is that you can also wear it in a variety of ways so you can take the straps off and actually re-adjust them, pretty simple to do, and just re-hook it, and so you can see that you could wear the bra. Let's see if I had it re-hooked, you could wear it as a criss-cross straps or you could also un-hook it, readjust it again and then we bring it around to the front and it's shown as a halter style bra. And again, you could just wear it without any straps at all. Some bras come with an additional long strap, such as this, so that if you wanted to, you know if you needed an additional length for putting the strap around your neck or if you wanted to actually undo the bra in the back and instead of having it hooked right up against the back you could hook this additional strap to it and actually have it hooked lower and wrap around your stomach. So, there's a couple of different options and usually the bras come with a tag of instruction so that you can see maybe the four or five different ways that you can actually wear it. So again, look for a bra that comes with the straps so you can get additional usage out of it.