Video transcription

we're now going to learn how to speak Icelandic. Romantic phrases in Icelandic. Did you come by yourself? (for a male): Komstu ein?, Komstu ein? (for a female): Komstu einn?, Komstu einn? Do you have a boyfriend? Attu Kaerasta?, Attu kaerasta? You are very beautiful. (for a female): Pu ert mjog falleg., Pu ert mjog falleg. (for a male): Pu ert mjog fallegur., Pu ert mjog fallegur. I like you. Eg er hrifinn af per., Eg er hrifinn af per. I love you. Eg elska pig., Eg elska pig. Are you coming back to my place? Eigum vid ad koma heim til min?, Eigum vid ad koma heim til min? Leave me along! Lattu mig i fridi!, Lattu mig i fridi!