Video transcription

We are showing you how to do a little mime. The rope, one of the greatest illusions of mime. Now how it's done is once again you grab the rope with each little finger like this, pull the rope, grab it, grab it, pull. It is really only three motions; grab, grab, pull, now you want to make sure that you keep that dimensions between the rope so it doesn't go like this. That you actually have a rope now if you really get going the rope is pulled that way and the chest goes that way. Now to bring it back you bring the whole chest back, reach, reach and it goes that way. Pull it in, reach, reach, pull, reach, reach, pull, you can do it up and down to the side over but this way for sure and you have the chest moving with it so then it's the illusion that their is somebody on the end of the rope. Very important, practice this all in front of a mirror, it's always important to practice mime in front of a mirror. So your hands are not like this, they are not like this, they are like this. Then it really looks like you have a rope going and the chest just going side to side like that, that helps create the entire illusion. Once again grab, grab, pull, grab, grab, pull, stay tune we are going to show you some more mime right after this.