Video transcription

We're going to talk about serve. One of the main things you want to think about with intermediate tennis is your serve becomes more and more important as far as getting the serve in and getting the ball in play. It's critical. You don't want to be double faulting. That makes for a real short match and it's not a lot of fun to go out there and not be able to hit the ball and get the ball in play. One of the ways that I usually make sure that I can get the ball in play is that you can swing fairly hard on your first serve if you're fairly confident with it and get a decent first serve. I know we talked about the back scratching motion with the basic tennis. You can do the same thing, but, basically, you're going to have more of a flow going through your serve motion. You're not going to be so robotic, like we talked about with basic tennis. You're going to have to put in some time practicing to get a really smooth stroke going. Once we've got that down and we know that our toss is critical, our toss has to be in the three to four to five foot area over our head. Not too far out in front, not back over our heads, but right off of this leading foot. If you're right handed it would be your left foot. Again, you're feet have to be behind the line and you're going to keep your motion flowing. You're not going to go back with a back scratcher. You're just going to come up and follow through towards the net. We'll talk about spin in the next segment. That's what we're shooting for, is consistency. Again, on the first serve if you're over hitting, strong, the second serve you have to be able to get it in.