Video transcription

Hi! I am Jason Wyatt head golf professional here at Sunningdale Golf and Country Club and I am here to show you lefties how to hit better drivers. What I have here is a driver in my hand and remember I am a right-handed player, so you lefties just look at me as a mirror image. I am going to set up and the biggest thing about setting up with your driver is we have to make sure that the ball is forward of middle and more off our front heel. So I am going to take my stance with my feet together, I am going to take a very small step with my front foot, big step with my back foot, what this allows me to do now if you could see the lines from my ball to my target or to my stance, it is on the heel. We do not want to see it the back in the stance, we do not want to see in the middle and we want to see it forward of the stance, reason being is I have got this ball on the tee. So what happens is I am going to take my driver now and I am going to try and sweep up on this golf shot, so that I hit it nice and high. Driving irons, we will remove them in the middle of our stance and we want to pinch down on them and hit ball and then turf. I do not want to hit the turf at all with my driver, so once again set up small step forward, big step back and really work on sweeping that ball up into the air and you will hit longer tee shots.