Video transcription

Continuing from the previous section, now we're going to go on to our next section. Let's continue from the previous section. Okay, so continuing from here, you're going to step forward with your right leg, rotate your Staff, now you're going to kick with your right and bring this hand down, kick with your right, go down, turn in; one, two, step forward, rotate your Staff, okay, step back with your right leg at this, okay. Now you're going to go this way, one, two, three, okay, four; one, two, three, four. Okay, let's go again. One, two, three, four, five, six; one, two, three, four. Okay, one more time. Okay, one, two, three, four, rotate, turn five; one, two, three; one, two, three, four. Ladies and gentlemen this concludes this section of the Staff Lesson. I'm Bruce Wen.