Video transcription

Now that we have the tent erected with the poles going through. You can see it has its basic shape. We’re not completely done yet. For security, and to give the tent its final overall shape, you want to pull it taut with stakes and hold it to the ground. That will help it prevent blowing away in wind and other things. To do that, depending on the design of your tent again, you simply insert it through an eyehole. This one here has a small loop that you want to insert it through. Then using a soft rubber mallet, drive the stake in. This is a little bit more difficult with the rocky soil, but you do want to take it as close to the ground as you can get it to avoid tripping hazards as you move around your campsite. You’re going to do this initially at all four corners of the tent. As stated previously, that will help give it its final shape and give it security against wind.